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David Biberstein

David Biberstein

Highlights of Service

  • 1982
  • Director of Pastoral Ministries

  • 1983
  • Revised the Pastoral Ministries Program with the 4 pillars

  • 2008
  • Retires from the Pastoral Ministries program

  • 2009
  • Continues ministry

Dr. David Biberstein served in the Pastoral Ministries Department at Fort Wayne for more than 25 years. A 1966 graduate of FWBC, he returned to his alma mater in 1982 after a long and varied ministry career. Preaching and teaching were always his chief passions, and he pursued his calling to discipleship in both church and university environments. 


Dave enrolled at FWBC as a Christian Ed and Music major and remained active in several music groups on campus throughout his student years. However, after receiving his “call” to ministry during his sophomore year he changed his major to Bible and Theology, graduating in 1966.


In 1967 Dave traveled to Jerusalem and Africa and married Joleen (Herman) g67, whom he met at FWBC. He pursued a Masters of Divinity (1970) and Doctorate of Ministry (1990) at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and was ordained by the Missionary Church in 1970.


His first teaching position was at Jamaica Theological Seminary in Kingston, where he worked for four years. He went on to pastor Missionary churches in Pennsylvania and Ohio, although the desire to teach remained in his heart. After applying for teaching positions in the North Central and Central Districts, he was eventually hired by FWBC in 1982 to oversee the Pastoral Ministries majors.


Dr.Biberstein was prominent in developing and expanding the Pastoral Ministries Program, building it on the pillars of preaching/teaching, counseling, visitation and administration. He focused more on pastoral courses, which were dear to his heart, and taught or co-taught nearly all of the related classes. He also oversaw all Pastoral Ministries students’ summer internships, traveling throughout the United States from the Atlantic to the Pacific shores, with many stops in-between.  During the twenty-six years of Pastor Dave's leadership, he benefited from the input of three significant pastors who served as auditors of the curriculum.  The constructive criticisms of Drs. Haddon Robinson, John Strubhar, and Don Gerig, assisted Dr. Biberstein in formulating an educational philosophy consistent with the corps values of biblical humility, adaptability, receptivity, and vulnerability. When applied to pastoral situations the end result or product was a trained  group of competent, committed servant-leaders.


Between his enrollment in the 1960s and the close of his teaching career in 2008, Pastor Dave made many close friends among faculty and students at Fort Wayne. He loved people and enjoyed being part of a team committed to discipleship. People like the Gerig family and Dr. Jay Platte g69 were extremely influential in his life, and he remains grateful for his experiences as a student and educator at the Fort Wayne campus.


Dr. Biberstein currently serves on the pastoral staff at Pathway Community Church in Fort Wayne.

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